New Arrivals

#IShapeMyWorld is a global initiative dedicated to bringing recognition to the accomplishments of women everywhere.

Skill is skill. Talent is talent. Her title is her title.

This year, we recognise women’s accomplishments– no gender qualifiers, no exceptions. Because ours is a future in which society does not see male or female– but the individual. This is equality.



When recognising women’s accomplishments, the world tends to lead with gender. But we think it’s time to talk more about talent and skill, and less about labels. This year, we share stories of four women shaping their worlds.


A Producer. Shaping Her World.

In the Russian music scene, women were expected to do the singing, and leave the business to the men. She's showing the world that women can do both. Jekka is shaping her world by making space for women in music.

A journalist. Shaping her world.

Melis carved out her place in a male-dominated newsroom. Now she’s shining a light on the often invisible issues women face. Melis is shaping her world by telling stories only women can tell.

A skater. Shaping her world.

Myriah and her crew are encouraging more women to conquer their fears, and skate. She is shaping her world by coaching women to challenge their own boundaries.

A computer scientist. Shaping her world.

When Joy discovered racial and gender bias in major A.I. software, she set out on a mission to fight for algorithmic justice. Joy is shaping her world by enhancing facial recognition technology.