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Levi’s® Straight Fit & Cut Jeans

Essentially the OG of denim, the straight leg is a traditional, All-American classic. Most often cut straight from hips down the legs with little tapering, straight leg jeans or straight cut jeans look best on athletic guys — a generous shoulder-to-hip ratio working to counteract the bagginess of the cut. In a casual setting, slim gents can also pull off the straight leg, albeit in more of a casual, bohemian sense.

A great option for nearly all body types is the straight leg jeans. Straight-leg jeans are renowned for being comfortable, casual, and sporting a fit that compliments a variety of shapes and styles. It is important to understand that the term “straight” refers to the type of cut like straight cut jeans, and not the fit. For example, you can have both a relaxed straight fit and a slim straight fit or cut jeans. Straight just means the leg is cut straight and does not taper below the knee.

They are a wide variety of denim cuts, many of which are designed to fit the shape of a human leg. Just like our leg gets narrower the closer we get to the ankle, many cuts of denim will taper near the ankle to help show the shape of your leg. Straight cut jeans leg are different. They are the same width at the leg opening as they are at the top of the leg. The benefit of this straight cut jeans is it creates something that looks clean and more fitted above the knee but has a looser cut below the knee. This type of cut is good for those who don’t like skinny jeans.

This silhouette is more conservative and safer than slimmer cuts yet becomes more stylish in a medium wash with a clean cuff and fresh pair of white kicks. To further step up your fashion game you can achieve that 90s, dad-sneaker, white t-shirt, and your favorite jacket jeans.

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