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Women Bootcut Jeans

Levi's® Women's 315 Shaping Bootcut Jeans

Levi's® Women's 315 Shaping Bootcut Jeans

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Levi’s® Women Bootcut Jeans

Women bootcut jeans are back in style but with modern flare like ankle length hems, distressed knees, and extra flare. Available in various colors, washes and rises you can find a bootcut jean worthy of any lifestyle!

When jeans were first invented in the 1870s, they were relegated only to cowboys, coal miners and other manual laborers. Back then, the very idea of "nice jeans" seemed a complete oxymoron. However, in the 1950s, jeans became a form of rebellion for America's youth and society began to see them on teenagers of white-collar workers. The boot cut, specifically, became part of the working outfit for American sailors during the 20th century, but were later replaced by the bell bottom. Boot-cut jeans were worn to perform menial tasks so that the sailors could get them dirty without worrying.

These jeans may have originally been designed to wear with (cowboy) boots, but they shouldn’t be limited to just one type of fancy footwear. Cropped and slim bootcut jeans that fall above the ankle look great with flats of all kinds, like stylish slip-ons or casual wear which includes sneakers and boots without a heel. If you’re going to wear any type of heel, however, you’ll want a more traditional length specifically where the hem meets the toe of your foot. Keep in mind that this could mean buying a longer inseam to wear with high heeled shoes or boots.

The best bootcut jeans for women are the pairs you want to live in: you can wear them repeatedly, and it gets better each time you slip into them. They’re the styles that might be a small investment but have a large return and last for seasons to come.

Bootcut jeans women's high waist is flattering on nearly every body shape and come in various lengths such as ankle, cropped, or long to suit any style preference. Wear something like a loose top or baggy shirt to complete your style. Focus on creating long lean lines and visually balancing out your look from top to bottom and you’ll have no problem making bootcut jeans fit your personal style. They are also very versatile; you can wear them with boots for an edgy look or with sandals for a more casual feel.