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Buy Women's Loose Fit Jeans | Pleated to High Loose Jeans

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Levi’s® Women Loose Fit Jeans

Channel your inner '90s teen angst with this cool-girl denim trend that's already taking off and bound to be everywhere come spring. Loose fit jeans for women, which have slowly become a street style, are a comfy clothing option to help ease you out of your regular rotation of sweatpants.

Loose fit jeans marry comfort and style for a look that’s effortlessly cool. Whether you’re looking for a pair of easy boyfriend jeans, the extra-baggy denim that’s leading the trends, or even a chic pair of wide-leg jeans that manage to feel tailored yet comfortable, the best loose-fit jeans are worth adding to your wardrobe.

No matter which cut you choose, looser denim is versatile to style. Pairs can be worn with a hoodie and sneaks when you’re off-duty — then just swap out your fleece for a blazer or cropped top, add a statement shoe, and you’re ready for going out.

Sweats still reign supreme, but other wardrobe staples are shifting silhouettes in favor of comfort, too. Women's loose fit jeans trend is a prime example of the ways women are adapting more traditionally rigid items to fit a more casual lifestyle.

When styling the dramatic look with women's loose fit jeans, you can keep it cool with a crop top or mini cardigan or stick to the basics and pair this pair of high loose fit jeans with a simple t-shirts and sneakers. A loose-fitting button-down completes a chic, borrowed-from-the-boys vibe, while a romantic blouse and kitten heels are an easy way to dress it up for autumn.

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