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Levi’s® Women Shorts

Levi's® women shorts ranging from jean shorts, denim shorts to high waisted shorts are essential for every wardrobe. These shorts are the timeless and have a classic aesthetic for a simple, signature look. The first shorts were jeans cut to fit, creating the term 'cut-offs'. Women's shorts are a Levi's® specialty, so make sure to check out women's denim on your wishlist, including new arrival denim shorts from Levi's® Malaysia.

A few things define summer — sunshine, the beach, and a pair of denim shorts. Levi’s® denim shorts for women are the ultimate warm-weather essential. Our 501® jean shorts are a cultural icon branded by the leather patch at the back waist and a destructed finish. Over the years, we’ve evolved the look to take on several different shapes and forms. From denim, high waisted shorts to floral print, our women’s denim shorts are made to fit every size and personality because we believe our clothes are a wearable form of authentic self-expression.

When the days shine brightly from the sizzling summer sun, it’s time to trade in your favourite women jeans for a pair of shorts. For women, we understand the importance of versatility and being able to switch things up. When you want to run wild and free, throw on a pair of your timeless 501® Original women shorts, jean shorts, or mom shorts with your favourite t-shirt. And if you are planning for night out, leave the denim at home and slip into stylish women's bermuda shorts for a flattering silhouette that adds to any look. For every occasion and every mood, there’s a pair of denim shorts for women to match.

Since 1873, we’ve been creating iconic styles that have stood the test of time. While the quality and look of our clothes haven't changed, we have altered how we make them more environment friendly. Our sustainability efforts weave recyclable material into our fabrics, so that the clothes you love today can be used to create new garments for someone else to love tomorrow. We also do our best to conserve water by using rain fed field, so it has no ground water use, and uses substantially less water than cotton to create the styles you love. So, get dressed in a pair of Levi’s® women shorts and look good without the moral dilemma.

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